The World is going to bern

The corporate media is bought and paid for.  It serves as a propaganda machine for the rich and the powerful.  We have seen a surge in independent media over the last few years.  This rise has helped people like Bernie Sanders and AOC fight back against the big guys' lies.  Without independent voices calling out the lies and misinformation we see coming our of places like CNN and MSNBC, we would be stuck in the information dark ages.  

When this show started it was just about following Bernie Sanders campaign, but it's becoming more than that.  As I started see the establishment go all-in on their efforts to stop Bernie and his movement, I started to realize that whether Bernie wins or loses the world will still be berning.  Will it be Berning with the love and hope that a Sanders candidacy will bring?  Or will the world be Berning because the Democrats screwed us all over?  Either way, I'll be there covering it all.  

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